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The Smoke Free Alternatives Coalition of Illinois

Who We Are:

The Smoke Free Alternatives Coalition of Illinois are Illinois businesses that are part of the manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and supply and distribution chains for vapor products and other alternatives to combustible tobacco.

What We Do:

We educate state legislators, local public officials, and media on alternatives to combustible tobacco. We work with our members, making sure they are informed of the most current proposals and policies. We aim to protect access to vapor products for Illinois consumers.

Services we provide:

  • State Lobbying professionals
  • Action alerts
  • Legislative and Media Training
  • Position papers and talking points
  • Voting info and records from your elected officials.
  • Professional public affairs assistance
  • Updates on developments in Washington, D.C.
  • Updates on vapor industry news in other state capitols.

What We Have Accomplished:

Our members have worked to defeat the following proposals:

  • Legislation seeking to Raise the Age to Vape from 18 to 21 statewide.
  • Legislation to Add vapor products to the Smoke Free Illinois Act.
  • Legislation to Ban e-liquid flavors from being used or sold in Illinois.

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